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Developing your growth through wellbeing activities.


In 2014, my, soon to be Husband got diagnosed with terminal cancer and he later died in December 2018. It was a long fight on his behalf and a lot of caring on mine. During that period, I believed I was coping very well, and I was prepared for the end. I was wrong! After his death I was very isolated, no one knew what to say or do, depression was setting in and I was going for walks on my own, which left me very paranoid. I soon became aware that the 4 years of caring had taken its toll on me physically and emotionally. Then the country was hit by COVID, working remotely I soon realised, that I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives after working in Further Education for 20+ years by setting up Root Training and providing group and 1-1 walks, to support the mental health and wellbeing for those that have a long term health condition, feel isolated or need a safe outdoor space with a low impact walk to improve their fitness. 



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We fully believe that identifying your starting point is crucial to your growth as a person no matter what age, background, beliefs, or ability. Through a thorough initial assessment (your Root), we will identify your starting point and measure your success no matter what activity you undertake (where applicable). Our offer is to provide you with activities to support and increase your mental health and wellbeing to enable you to progress in your next steps in life, education, or career to develop and grow into your (tree and branch out).

Funded Activities

Funded Activities
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Walking Activities


Monday - Camborne - 2pm
Tuesday – Camborne - 10am
Tuesday - Helston - 2.30pm
Thursday – Hayle - 10.15am
Thursday - Penzance - 2pm

Walking with litter picks and beach cleans.
One to One Walking £12.00

1 Hour Walk


1 Hour Walk

Walking membership – monthly walks

£15 per quarter

To book or to discuss your requirements please complete our initial contact form.

Running Activities


Wednesday C25K – Heartlands - 6pm


Running Group –7.30am & 6pm


C25k 8 week block session £50
Running group monthly membership
Training plan and  Heartlands Park run included, when completed.
(subject to government restrictions)
Running group pay as you go
Our running groups are aimed at individuals who want to enjoy a run, without the pace & competition element of typical running clubs.  Our running groups offer the chance to meet like minded individuals who just  want to enjoy a run.  Our running groups are ideal for those that want to benefit from the health and wellbeing aspects.
To book or to discuss your requirements please complete our initial contact form.


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D, O

"I did my first walk today and I must confess I was somewhat circumspect before and after all I do a reasonable amount of walking myself but it was beyond all expectation and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


The pace was great and it was a lovely walk. Tracey was positive and engaging but not OTT so as to be tiresome and was very pleasant company .


It exceeded my expectations and I found it a great experience.

I hope others will try it as it really helped me. Thank you. "

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Janice Merryfield

At the age of 54 I completed my first Park Run today!!

8 weeks ago I was definitely more couch potato than 5k; a post menopausal women feeling unfit, overweight and lacking confidence. With the help and support of Tracey and Trevor at Root Training I have accomplished more than I could ever imagine.

The support of my fellow group members has been so encouraging too.

I would recommend the course to anyone. Give it a go, I did and now look forward to going for a run

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Carla Marina

After 8 weeks I could believe, how better I feel.

My mental health improved a lot.

My mobility ... my breathing.

I really recommend

The mentors are great, very supportive, giving us lots of incentives, and good listeners if we need to talk.

After each time, when I finish my training, all my stress disappear.

I release me fears, and my mind became clear.

I became 'addicted '

The feeling is so good ...that no matter how much I write, I'll never be able to say how this has helped me, physically and mentally.

I only can say THANK YOU Tracey and Trevor.




Get in Touch

Thank You, we'll be in touch soon!

Respect – We respect everyone as an individual and this should  continue even when we are challenged and when we disagree on a topic or view point because we are all different.

Opportunities – Everyone has an opportunity in life, even if this is a small step from going outside for the first time due to effects of Covid, or this could be bigger steps or a change in lifestyle.

Optimism – Encouraging people to believe that through wellbeing activities you can achieve, believe and have confidence.

Trust – Have faith in yourself to have the trust in your ability to achieve your goal.

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